The HUB is here for you!

Join a Community of Practice to Solidify your Skills from Evaluation to Habituation


You took the plunge... the ORPP Canada 28 hour course is complete and you've got your caseload.  Of course you have further questions.  The ORPP Community HUB is here for you.  This group coaching will expand your clinical skills, help get your questions answered and support you in your clinical practice and business goals. 


Enrollment open now for all 21hour and 28 hour ORPP Graduates!
Join the HUB!

The Tools You Need To Build and Foster Your Clinical Skills for Your Successful Practice




Expand your knowledge.

Guest speakers, journal article reviews, professional development updates, case study reviews, business development, marketing and more!



Grow your Confidence 

Practice the lingo, build skills to cue, scaffold and improve your clinical outcomes while building confidence and experience in a safe space. 




Community Support

Let's build each other up!  We come from a place of abundance so let's support and empower each other on this ongoing journey of learning.

The Tools You Need To Further your Clinical Practice


Join us with an annual membership to the ORPP HUB for 75 minute live group coaching sessions on topics such as:

 - clinical conundrums

 - focus on the goal! Which exercises to select, why we do them, stimulation techniques and understanding mastery

 - team collaboration and marketing to referral sources

 - mini myo expansion

 - targeting habituation: trouble shooting with clients and keeping them motivated

 - deep dive into fascia with Dr. Chelsie 

What else can you expect?

  • focused skill development
  • clinical case study sharing
  • clinical discussion and brainstorming
  • open coffee chat with Karrie and Nic to get your questions answered
  • some sessions will include bonus ORPP resources

 2024 ORPP HUB

Price: $229 USD (one time payment for annual membership)


  • Fridays 12-1:15pm MST

Dates: 6 Live, 75 minute Interactive Group Coaching Calls

  • February 9th
  • March 15th
  • May 31st
  • September 13th
  • October 25th
  • November 22nd

The Details and Your Questions Answered

1. Who is the HUB For?

  • We welcome all of our Evaluation to Habituation ORPP Graduates into the HUB. 

2. Dang I can't make it live...will the HUB sessions be recorded?

  • Yes!  We love to have live interaction and feel that's the best way to learn BUT we appreciate life is busy.  Sessions will be recorded for you to access at a later time/date.  The exception- case studies with client photos/videos or live participation may not be recorded (we will respect the client's preference).
  • You will have access to the recordings until December 6th 2024

3. How long are HUB sessions?

  • Sessions will be 75 minutes 

4. When are the HUB sessions held live?

  • Sessions are held on Fridays at 12 noon Mountain Standard Time (Calgary Alberta Time). 

5. Who will facilitate the HUB sessions?

  • Karrie and/or Nicole will facilitate the sessions.  

6. Can I ask questions in the HUB sessions?

  • Absolutely!  That's what the Hub is for. We want everyone to feel comfortable asking questions and we will foster a supportive learning environment.
  • If you would prefer to submit your question in advance you can email it to us at [email protected].

7. How does payment work for the HUB?

  • The HUB membership is a one time payment. 
  • Your access to the Hub is for the calendar year (i.e., January to December 2024)
  • Members can join at any time and participate via the recordings for coaching calls missed. 
  • Membership is non-refundable and non transferrable.