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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Evaluation to Habituation


Functional, practical and effective education by clinicians for clinicians.


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Discover dynamic evaluation techniques to guide your treatment planning.


Know your goal to create a personalized treatment plan for every client!


Develop confidence in your treatment plan.


 Know why you do what you do!


Gain the skills to educate and train each client through to habituation.


Foster self-efficacy through focused practice & self reflection. Teach your clients to become their own therapist and trouble shoot for themselves to achieve lasting success!

You are just a step away from helping people discover the key to myofunctional success.
Build your practice through effective, successful and long term outcomes!

"I would 1000% recommend the ORPP course to all SLPs and many other health care providers. I was missing this foundational knowledge. I had some of it but did not understand how to step by step work on Oral Rest Posture.  ORPP provides a very well laid out process for the entire assessment, treatment and maintenance process. There is rationale for every activity. It's flexible and dynamic and responsive to the individual throughout. The assessment process is incredibly thorough and transparent with all the background information gathered and stepwise assessment process. I had done similar oral mechanism exams but now I understand so much more what I am looking at. It's a superb program and and very good pace in 4 days. I think it's a huge service you providing for our profession and the public. You are both deeply knowledgeable, encouraging and generous as presenters...not to mention inspiring. Thank you!!"       ~ Deborah Carter

"This was an amazing and informative course. I learned so much and Nicole & Karrie were right - the more I learn the more question I have, but I feel that I am on the right path :)   ~ Jill Northwood

 "Truthfully this is the most practical and info packed course I have taken in years. The method of instruction, the engagement, the theory, and the practicality were all perfectly balanced and made learning so easy!"   ~ Karlie Hudon

From Karrie & Nicole:

”To us, your success is personal. We are passionate about providing quality and effective treatment plans for our clients and are dedicated to sharing our successes (and failures) to empower therapists to be the best that they can be!"


We've done the prep work to save you time to build your practice!

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The ORPP Gold! 

(What makes ORPP Canada unique)

Experienced Instructors


Let the 40 years of experience Karrie and Nicole have work for you! They have taken many courses, logged thousands of hours comparing and debating to create a Framework for building individualized treatment plans for every client.

Interactive Learning


Through video analysis, adult and pediatric case studies, home practice, clinical discussions and many opportunities to practice the lingo, you will build your confidence to educate, empower and support your clients to success!

Personalized, ready to use materials

Access to the most up to date clinic resources that Nicole & Karrie use in their own thriving practices. Including:

  • comprehensive evaluation form
  • evaluation summary
  • treatment exercises
  • homework sheets
  • and referral source update letters to foster collaboration.



What's Included In This Course


Introduction & Interactive Learning

Karrie and Nicole share the basics of myo: what is a myofunctional disorder (OMD)? Potential impacts of OMDs over the lifespan. What are the primary goals of myofunctional therapy?

We then dive right in and get our first look at the pediatric and adult case studies.  Our overarching question is always "will they grow out of it or are they growing into it?

Introduction &        Interactive Learning


                                                   What are orofacial myofunctional disorders?

                The Foundation of the ORPP Program - Rest Posture is the Key!

Anatomy & Physiology



  Craniofacial growth & development


Anatomy & Physiology

Delve into the craniofacial complex learning about the muscles, craniofacial structure and occlusal patterns. As you learn about the dynamic interplay of muscles and function you will build your understanding of the link to speech, breathing, sleeping and overall well being.  You will leave with a solid foundation for providing effective, comprehensive myofunctional treatment plans.

Assessment & Interpretation

Here's where we learn what we are really looking for, from the waiting room right into your office. Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders are complex and multifactorial. Nicole and Karrie will help you figure out how to identify the different pieces to the puzzle, how to fit them together and how to develop an appropriate and effective treatment plan for each and every one of your clients. You'll have the chance to practice the lingo and develop your scripts with others to build confidence when sharing your findings.


& Interpretation 


                                                          Dynamic Evaluation:

What To Do & WHY 

                                              Timing of Treatment

Referrals and Collaboration




  Know your goal!

 Understanding Stimulability,  Mastery & How to Habituate




How do you even know where to start when every person we meet is so unique? When should you refer out to dental professionals, chiro, craniosacral...? How do we deal with oral habits that may interfere with successful outcomes? Using the ORPP Framework you will learn the tools to know when to start, when to wait when to refer and most importantly WHY you are doing what you are doing every step of the way. With this strong foundation you will develop the ability to clearly communicate goals and intended outcomes to your clients. RP is the key!

Coexisting Conditions

People are complex beings! You will have, and likely have had, many clients who have a myriad of concerns where a myofunctional disorder is at the core.  As a myofunctional therapist there are many things you can do to help these clients when you work with a team and focus on RP!


Coexisting Conditions 



                                             Need to Know Info for Myofunctional Therapists

Practice Management 

 Who you want on your team & how to connect with them.

  Building a referral base.


Building & Maintaining a Thriving Practice

As therapists we weren't specifically taught the tips and tricks to building a successful practice.

Karrie and Nicole will share how they started and how they have grown. You will learn tips for collaboration and building a strong team to build your practice, keep it thriving and to provide effective therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Take the Plunge! 

Expand your knowledge, advance your skills and become the best myofunctional therapist you can be!



Get access to a unique, top-rated myofunctional therapy course that has consistently received 5 star reviews over the past 15 years. 
Join us to become empowered to always know the goal, develop individualized treatment for every client and the skills to coach your clients to successful long term habituation!


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